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The CYSF President, Washington State Youth Soccer, and local judicial -disciplinary representatives would like to remind all coaches that our kids are not playing in the World Cup. Soccer coaches should lead by example. Please read the following WYS Coaches Code of Ethics. Please remember that as a coach, you are responsible for the actions of the players on the field as well as the spectators and their actions.

Every coach agrees to abide by the Washington Youth Soccer Coaches Code of Ethics when they accept the privilege of the role of coach within Washington Youth Soccer. Serving as a coach is a unique opportunity to mold and grow the future of our youth, of soccer, and of our organizations through example. Washington Youth Soccer coaches are expected to portray and teach the highest example of good citizenship and sportsmanship as they teach the game of soccer. Coaches are therefore expected to accept the responsibilities that are implicit in this role, both to their players and their families and to the organizations that support them. These responsibilities are outlined in the Washington Youth Soccer Coaches Code of Ethics.

From WSYSA Code of Ethics.

608.2 WSYSA Coaches

(a) Purpose: This code of ethics has been developed to clarify and distinguish approved and accepted professional, ethical and moral behavior from that which is detrimental to the development of soccer within the Washington State Youth Soccer Association (WSYSA).
(b) (1) The coach shall never place the value of winning over the safety and welfare of players.

(d) Article III - Responsibilities to the Laws of the Game
(1) Coaches should be thoroughly acquainted with and demonstrate a working knowledge of the Laws of the Game.
(2) Coaches are responsible to assure their players understand the intent as well as the application of the Laws.
(3) Coaches must adhere to the letter and spirit of the Laws of the Game.
(4) Coaches are responsible for their players' actions on the field and must not permit them to perform with intent of causing injury to opposing players.
(5) The coach must constantly strive to teach good sporting behavior.

e) Article IV - Responsibility to Officials
(1) Officials must have the support of coaches, players and spectators. Coaches must always refrain from criticizing officials in the presence of players or spectators.
(2) Professional respect, before, during and after the game, should be mutual. There should be no demeaning dialogue or gestures between official, coach or player.
(3) Coaches must not incite players or spectators or attempt to disrupt the flow of the game.
(4) Comments regarding an official should be made in writing to the appropriate organization assigning the official.


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