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Spring Soccer Update 3/18

Pacific Soccer Families,

Let's hope and plan for something good!

Recently, a state-wide ban was put in place on many businesses and other activities in Washington, including youth sports that runs through the end of March. In a "normal" year, PSC Spring Rec Soccer would have us starting to practice around April 1, and starting our game schedule about the second weekend of April. This year will be a bit different. Many of our fields - especially practice fields - are at school locations, so due to school closures we have pushed our planned start back by a few weeks.

Currently, club registrars and league schedulers are working on a plan to have games start as soon as we are released to do so.
Our governing body SWYSA is still planning to host a Spring League. It will be compressed and end about a week later than originally planned.

Dates are tentatively 5/1 start and 6/13 finish. This would include double headers and weeknight games.
We still plan to NOT play games May 22 & 23, to avoid impacting Memorial Day weekend.

We know we have players who want to play, and we'll continue preparation for our delayed season.

Sure, it might be easier just to throw in the towel and cancel the season. But that wouldn't be the right example for our players.
Among the lessons learned from soccer are - or at least should be - always giving your best effort, and keeping a positive attitude.
Let's have faith that we are, and will be, taking the proper actions at every level to combat COVID-19, and that progress is being made by those we rely on.

Have confidence in our nation, our state, our community and our friends. We have the greatest minds in the world working on the issues before us. We do not know what the outcome may be, but we do know this: We cannot give up!

Until we are told by our governing bodies 'it is over', we will be working hard like usual; assigning players, recruiting & clearing coaches, coordinating fields, acquiring equipment, scheduling games. All this to assure every player has the opportunity to participate this spring.

Registrars still need help from our families.

Please respond promptly to them to let them know you are working on getting the info they need, such as:
Birth Certificates (Yes, we actually need them this year even if you have submitted in the past)
Background Checks and other Volunteer requisites

We also still need coaches for many age groups. Remember that this is a volunteer-based activity. Every team ultimately has one or two volunteers step forward to lead. It doesn't take any more than the willingness to help. We have the support structure in place from experienced coaches and volunteers to help our new coaches with drills, activities, etc.

Some families have asked about refunds. At this point we are holding off on refunds.
If someone wishes to cancel today due to uncertainty over COVID-19 or delays in the season, there will be no refund.
However, if we later determine that we are unable to deliver a spring season, we want to provide refunds to all players.

We will provide updates at least every other week as we head toward our Spring Soccer Season.

So please join us as we hope and plan for something good this spring!

Pacific Soccer Club



Registration Change

Hello PSC Families,

First PSC would like to apologize for the delay on Spring Registration.

Registration though is now open. If you have not visited our site, you may not be aware that the registration system that PSC has been using for its registration is being phased out and PSC has had to change to a new system. We have also not fully moved our website. Right now, PSC has 2 websites up and running BUT you can only register for Spring soccer through the new site. The new link will be below.

What does this mean for you-

  • All parents or guardians will need to create a new account on the new system.
  • No players are age verified on the new system. Please give Registrars some leeway on age verifying players.
  • Registrars are learning the new system also. Please give a little extra time answering questions and if there are some mess-ups
  • The new system and web site is very mobile friendly. The site and registration system look and work much better on mobile devices than a PC.
  • Most registration can be done and is easier to navigate though your Account Page Rather than the link pages.
  • You will notice many more Required Questions. These are required through Washington State Youth Soccer. Many of these are new to the Registration System for PSC Members.

So, here we go, All Registration will be going through Sports Connects/Blue Sombrero system at this link

We will be keeping both sites up to date with information until we can transfer the address to the other site/program.


Spring Recreational Soccer

Spring Registration Opens January 15th

Ball sizes
U5-U8- Size 3
U9-U12 Size 4
U13+ Size 5

Area you register in determines were you Practice-
North- Ridgefield, LaCenter, Woodland
Central- Battle Ground
South- Brush Prairie/Hockison/Pleasant Valley

You can contact your area registrars if you have any questions

North- (covering boys registration) ( U5 &Girls Registration)

Central- Open

South- Emily -

-Season Info-

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Referee Courses
Interested in earning extra money during summer tournaments or Fall/Spring Soccer? Become a referee! Suggested age is 12 years of age and older.
(to become a new referee - this is not a re-certification class)
Are you interested in making extra money? Need a part time job that pays well? There has been a shortage of referees in Southwest Washington and this is your opportunity to make extra money while helping the community out. This is a great opportunity to gain experience and get paid to referee in our fall and spring recreational leagues.

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