2014 PSC Jamboree

Game schedules:

U5-U7 U8-U9 U10-U11 U12+ Field Map

All Games to be played at the Battleground field complex

Parking is available at either - 406 NW 5th Ave or 700 NW 9th St


Where will the event be hosted?

The Battleground Field complex of Chief Umtuch and the old Lewisvile School.

Are there any other special rules or things we need to be aware of? Have fun or else!

Will there be referees? Yes, but please be aware that our officiating group uses this event to train our referees. Expect mistakes and accept them. This may be the first time a referee has stepped on the field. We are trying to provide a safe environment for learning and building confidence.

What are the times we should tell our parents to plan to be at the field? Please plan on 2 to 3 hours at the field on the 23rd for the purpose of scheduling for your families. Typically 9:00am to 5:00pm. Like any large scale event, we cannot promise any specific times, but will try to accommodate requests. If you have specific time constraints, let Tom or Will know and they will try their best to accommodate you.

How many players are on a U9 Jamboree team? 3? 5? other? Teams will be based primarily on Fall SWYSA / Club Rosters with relaxed SWYSA game rules and player counts. For instance: U9 - 5 on the field and 9 on the Roster.

So far, about 1/2 of our team is not available that day. Is there a minimum number of players we have to have present? MInimum players would be based on the number of players on the field at each age group. You are free to borrow players or play short if needed just to get the game going. Please feel free to add players to the field during the match if you find your team at a strong disadvantage to help even the play.

If there are other teams that are short, can we combine teams to field a full team for the tournament? Absolutely. Just register the team under the primary coaches Fall team name so it is easy for us to find your contact information in the system. If you will coach the 'PSC Pixies' in the fall but are borrowing players from the 'Storm', please list the Pixies as the team name.

How long is a half? There will be slightly reduced game times for all age groups, but we have not settled on final game durations. For younger age teams (u6 -u9) you will not see major reduction in game time if any.

How much are the raffle tickets and what are some of the key teasers? Timbers / Thorns Jerseys, Soccer Balls, etc. Each player will receive raffle tickets at check-in at no charge. If you would like to purchase additional tickets, they will be available for $2 each.

Do we need to have our PSC Fall 2014 ID cards and rosters for the tournament? No. We hope to be distributing these at the Jamboree, but some will not yet be ready. The event will be for fun and primarily on the honor system for coaches.

Since PSC has the same Orange/Navy uniform, will some play with Pennies? We would prefer to see Pennies used, but for this event a substitute jersey would be acceptable if you have it.

Will there be any food vendors if it is an all day event? We are trying to engage food vendors, but have not yet. Please plan to bring your own food.

What can I do to help? We are always looking for help in every area of our club. For this event, we can use help with:

Manning an information booth

Field lining

Uniform distribution / Roster and player card distribution. We have 1600+ players and 180+ teams and our apparel and registration groups will have their hands full.

Thank you,

Tom Snyder tsnyder.psc@gmail.com

Will Holden holden.psc@gmail.com


Late Registration for Fall Soccer

is open in very limited age groups!

U5-U8 registration fee $75 including game t-shirts

U9 and older player's registration fee $90. In addition U9 and up players will need to purchase a club uniform. (A Club uniform is required for U9 and up players. Returning players may use their uniforms from the 2013 Fall or 2014 Spring seasons) Each team will also choose their own matching socks.

If you do not see your child's age group available for registration, please contact your area registrar

A late fee of $25 will be applied to registrations after June 30th

Click Here to get started Registration Overview

Coaches Affinity Back Ground Check Link Here

Calendar of Importaint Dates Here

Photo Sign ups

How to Complete player cards

Pacific FC Select Players and Coaches

If you are playing on a Pacific FC Select team, please click here to register:

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PSC News

PSC Jamboree August 23rd!

Coaches Meetings Aug. 4th and Aug.18th

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PSC Recieves Certificate of Appreciation

From BG School District for a donation for field maintenance

PSC Receives Certificate of Appreciation from BG School District
Posted Jun 26, 2014

This May PSC Was Awarded a Certificate of Appreciation from the Battle Ground School District for our  donation of $20,000 for field maintenance.  Much of these funds will go to the Chief Fields and Pleasant Valley.

Pacific SC Annual General Meeting
Posted Mar 11, 2014

Thank you to all who attended our AGM. What a great turn out. We have updated our Board of Directors list. To learn more please follow here. We look forward to another great year in Pacific SC.

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